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FIELDMARSHAL is lead by Esmé Rottschafer and Tyler Serr to help companies be strategic doers. We bring big thinking and practical deployment together on equal footing. We are backed-up by an arsenal of hand-picked experts in the fields of data, social sciences, technology, change management, and production.


Command Officers

Esmé Rottschafer brings 19 years of experience in brand strategy, foresight, and business design to the playing field. She’s armed with the ability to make sense of market signals, develop winning brand strategy, and create greater business impact through systems thinking.

“We get too caught up in predicting outcomes instead of understanding what creates meaning and value, and how to operationalize it effectively to win.”

Tyler Serr brings 21 years of experience in commercial creativity and storytelling to the playing field. He’s armed with the ability to creatively articulate opportunity into brave commercial ideas, disciplined brand execution, and innovative products that are weaponized for market success.

“It takes discipline and empathy to imagine the ‘what-if’ alongside the ‘in real life.’ The trick is not to let what’s over the horizon line scare you or the reality-check hinder you.”